SMSF Services – Making life easy after Superannuation


Saving for retirement years is a necessary objective of financial planning and we all need to do it for a comfortable and secure after retirement life. In fact, in most Western nations, once an individual starts to work and earn, it is absolutely crucial that the employer and the worker chip in a definite amount of their income towards superannuation. But the superannuation fund remains completely inaccessible till the age of 65 years. Only the employee is authorized to supervise it in accordance to his/her needs and wish.

In fact, there are innumerable SMSF services available for you to select from but SMSF is certainly most sort after –

Industry Funds – The industry funds are administered by the unions or employer associations. This particular fund is made exclusively for the benefits of the members. There are absolutely no shareholders in this type of fund.

Employer Stand-Alone Funds – These are made by the employers for their employees only. Each and every fund is planned independently and may or may not be shared by the workers.

Public Sector Employees Funds – These funds are created by the government entirely for the government employees.

Self Managed Super Funds – SMSF or Self Managed Super Funds are formed for a group of five or less individuals. These are supervised by the Australian taxation office and abide by extremely stringent rule. Each member of the SMSF is known as a trustee and a member of the fund also. Unlike the traditional super funds, in this case the members have the control to select exact types of investments that suits your standard of living and situation. The only requirement is that you need to do so within the compliance regulations of the government.

In reality, SMSF is the most in demand superannuation solution as one have a wider alternative of investment options such as listed shares, real estate, corporate bonds and managed investments. One will also have the capacity to purchase or sell individual investments while other retirement funds do not recommend this service.

In fact, one can outsource their SMSF solution to professional firms and the typical solutions offered by them are as follows-

  • Audit
  • Compliance reporting
  • SMSF start up
  • Investment strategy
  • Ongoing SMSF administration and management
  • SMSF loans

Since there are huge benefit that SMSF offers, employees tend to prefer it over other superannuation services.

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SMSF Services – Making life easy after Superannuation
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