SMSF Accounting Services

At MegicTech, we have investment advisers who are experts in superannuation and a technical research team that assist with updates and necessary support on the newest in superannuation developments. Our SMSF advisors or professionals are adept in dealing with retirement investments.

More and more individuals now understand the benefits of making their own investment decisions and taking control of their retirement planning. In fact, an increasingly well-accepted method of doing this is by setting up a self managed superannuation fund (SMSF).

It offers members of the fund command over exact investment choices concerning their superannuation. Even though the terminology self managed fund means overseeing your superannuation by yourself but this never implies that you don’t require a financial consultant to assist you set it up and guarantee compliance. So, it is absolutely necessary to go for financial advisers in order to manage your SMSF.

Our SMSF Services include:

•Our self managed super fund (SMSF) management solutions incorporate the establishment, management, administration and investment advice for your fund
•Collecting and recording all investment information and required documentation
•Financial statements preparation – P&L, B/S, cash flow, operating cash flow
•Annual Return
•Member Statement preparation – B/S -closing balances
•Investment summary preparation – Portfolio, realise gain
•Trial balance sheet preparation
•General ledgers management
•GST reconciliation and BAS calculation

Why hire us?

•Our financial advisers provide crucial guiding principles and also pertinent updates about your self managed super funds particularly when it comes to compliance.
•Also, guide clients on the advantages and disadvantages of self managed super funds so that they know the risks and rewards of their decision.
•Expert professionals with years of domain experience.
•Always available for the clients.
•Usage of software like Class Super, BGL 360, BGL Premium etc.
•Account and report preparation which are helpful for audit at a reasonable price.

So, contact us for a prosperous and peaceful retired life.