Online Data Entry Services

MegicTech guarantees accurate and credible online data entry work. Outsourcing your online data entry projects to us will help you to concentrate on your core business areas as our expert professionals will take care of the data entry services.

Data is identical with business and irrespective of the size of the business the process of handling data becomes challenging and complicated with the growth of the business. So, a dedicated online data entry service provider is necessary. Outsourcing online data entry solutions is a cost-effective option to make certain that your precious data is in specialized hands.

Our Online Data Entry Services includes:

•Online data entry for product catalogs
•Data entry from hard/soft copy to any database format
•Handling online data entry for e-books
•Managing data entry projects from hospital records, patient notes and accident reports, medical claim forms and for patient records
•Performing online data entry for insurance claim form
•PDF document indexing
•Online data capture solutions
•Images online data entry
•Online order entry and tracking
•Development of fresh databases and updates of existing databases for banks, airlines, government agencies, etc.
•Web based indexed document recovery solutions, tools and maintenance
•Online data entry solutions for mailing lists / labels
•Data mining and warehousing
•Data cleansing
•Audio transcriptions
•Online data entry for legal papers
•Indexing of vouchers and documents
•Hand written ballots/cards entries
•Online conclusion of surveys and survey forms
•Online entry of client feedback
•Business card indexing and online data entry
•Custom data export/import Interfaces with audits
•Bonded mail management cash, credit and check dispensation
•Online data entry for product registration cards
•Online data entry for shipping papers
•Subscriptions entry
•Data entry for credit card applications
•Online data entry for coupon redemptions
•Online data entry for hand written papers
•Receipts / bills data entry
•Online copying, pasting, editing, sorting and indexing for any sort of data
•Online content conversion solutions
•Electronic bill of lading (e-BOL) generation services for logistics and shipping companies
•Online data entry for foreign languages

Why hire us?

•Team of specialized data entry operators who has knowledge and skill in handling huge volumes of work.
•Rigorous quality-check measures.
•Work done at cost-effective rates.
•Absolute safety and privacy of data.

So, get in touch with us for any kind of online data entry services.