Outsource Data Entry Services

At MegicTech, we offer a comprehensive package of data entry services at a reasonable rate, allowing the customers to concentrate on their core business expertise. Our expert professionals are adept in accurate data analysis and entry.

All big business houses are faced with the job of processing a vast quantity of data on a regular basis. So, in order to save the enormous amount of time, energy and financial resources that goes into this exercise, globally businesses are outsourcing their data entry services. The data entry outsourcing is in fact not only offering quick turnaround time but also data accurateness and privacy. It is also extremely cost effective.

The Data Entry Outsourcing Services offered by us:

Online data entry services
Offline data entry services
•eBook data entry solutions
•Image tapping data entry services
•Catalogue data entry services
•Data entry for ecommerce
•Data entry for printed /handwritten documents
•Data entry from dictionaries and manuals
•Data entry for business surveys
•Data entry for questionnaires
•Date entry for company reports
•Foreign language data entry solutions
•Application forms data entry services
•Product data entry solutions
•Invoice and billing data entry solutions

Why hire us?

•Accomplished and experienced data entry experts who offer 100% precision.
•Use of sophisticated technologies like OCR, ICR and others.
•Faultless connectivity for assured data flow.
•Data security and privacy is ensured through the use of FTP and VPN for the purpose of file transfer.
•On time deliverance of projects.
•The data entry projects go through manifold quality checks.
•Customized price package is offered to suit the requirement of the clients.

So, choose us as the data entry services company and let go of all your worries.