Medical Billing Data Entry Services

Medical billing data entry services are an absolute necessity for the healthcare industry. But capturing and meticulously organizing data for the healthcare sector needs expert knowledge and efficiency.

In fact, digitizing huge volumes of medical records into an electronic format can be a very time intensive and arduous task. So, outsourcing medical billing process to MegicTech offers a simplified and cost-effective solution for digitizing mass clinical records.

Our expert professionals impeccably perform your outsourced medical billing data entry services with complete precision and tremendous speed. This enables the healthcare service providers to concentrate efforts and capital on the more significant aspects of their business.

The Medical Billing Solutions we provide:

•Hospital records
•Tests or laboratory records
•Surgical encounter records
•Prescription medication records
•Clinical and healthcare records
•Patient details, chart data, appointments, account data, insurance details, comments from the doctor, billing and more
•Medical insurance claim forms
•Demographic entries
•Charge entry details
•Payment posting details
•Text and numeric data entry
•Image record data entry
•Handwritten document data entry

Why hire us for Medical Billing Process?

•With additional time available, more care can be administered to the patients
•Management of records, accounts and information becomes more well-organized
•Improved security methods can be put in place for the documents and records
•Documents need less space to be stored
•Hugely cost saving as no in-house infrastructure in required
•Back-up of absolutely professional medical billing company

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