Data Analytics Services

MegicTech can assist you to gain trouble-free access to business-critical data sheltered in business databases, and also in peripheral sources like social media, company reports and market data, via our assortment of data analysis and data research solutions.

Businesses of different sizes comprehend the incredible potential for data. But converting the data into functional acumen can be a real test. This is why major organizations are looking forward to employ extrapolative data analytics techniques to develop opportunities for expansion, innovation, and achieve a competitive lead.

Our data analytics experts are competent at researching, structuring, amalgamating and producing better insights from prearranged, semi-arranged as well as amorphous documents. Our advanced data analytics professionals support international clientele in nurturing the prospective of crucial data and thereby empowering their resolution making procedure.

The advanced data analytics services we offer:

Finance & Banking Industry

Data analytics solutions can aid banks and financial institutions with:

•Client segmentation
•Cross-selling strategies
•Scam revealing at the application stage
•Client achievement
•Maintenance programs
•Revival campaigns for consumer churns

Telecom Industry

Our data analytics solutions can assist our telecom customers by enhancing efficiency, by:

•Consumer segmentation
•Client kinship analysis
•Churn & retention
•Credit risk management
•Up-sell/Cross-sell campaigns

Retail Industry

If you are from the retail industry, our data analytics services can help you with:

•Brand dynamics
•Category trends
•Out of stock study
•Sales study
•Lifetime worth scrutiny
•Promotional efficiency

Insurance Industry

Our data analytics services can aid you to develop projecting models to analyze claim data:

•Legal disputes
•Strictness of a claim
•Recognition of doubtful claims
•Cycle time study
•Subrogation examination
•CRM analytics & customer study

Why hire us?

•Devoted team of professionals.
•Reasonably priced premium data analytics services.
•No cost necessary for investing on high-priced data analytics infrastructure.
•Non–disclosure agreement (NDAs) is signed before the commencement of a project.
•Speedy turnaround time.
•Data administration solutions to aid you plan, arrange, explain and manage your data resources.
•Custom–made data analytics solutions.
•Big data analytics solutions to assist you decode the concealed meaning behind terabytes of information that counts.

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