BAS Accounting Services

MegicTech offer a variety of BAS solutions and lodgement options to suit all small or medium businesses so that they have more time to manage your business and earning more and more money.

A recent study focuses on the fact that most small business owners spend maximum time on just inputting data for their regular Business Activity Statements and this of course impact their businesses negatively. In fact, submitting your Business Activity Statement (BAS) accurately and on time can be a tricky and baffling procedure.

Any error can have serious implications. But you can certainly evade risk and pressure by being sure that your ATO tax liabilities and obligations are sorted and your BAS lodgement is spot on. This can be achieved by appointing an experienced and skilled service provider to look after your BAS services.

Our BAS Services include:

•Generation of Business Activity Statements from the available business data.
•Electronic lodgement of Business Activity Statements.
•Customized advice on BAS requirements (GST, PAYG, Withholdings and Instalments, Fringe Benefits Tax, Fuel Tax Credits and more).
•Preparation of instalment activity statements and employee payment summaries.
•Management of financial data files and generation of reports for business tax returns.
•Managing payroll and retirement obligations as well as reportable employer super contributions.

Why hire us?

•No need to physically visit us, everything is done online.
•All calculations are done by experts who have years of experience in this particular domain.
•Services are offered at a reasonable price without delay.
•Strict adherence to privacy norms.

So, outsource your BAS services and concentrate on doing business only.