Accounts Payable Services

With a competent accounts payable service provider, your business will be able to manage working capital and cash flow in a much better way, forge and maintain sturdy vendor relationships, pin point possible areas of cost savings, boost organizational alertness and obey with regulatory policies. Also, accounts payable outsourcing solutions offer you with the advantages of advanced technology and accomplished staff without having to spend on these things.

Account Payable Services offered by Megic Tech are as follows:

Data Capture

•Batch preparation
•Document indexing
•Document storage and recovery
•Acceptance and dispensing incoming mail
•Audit and reconciliation of scanned invoices
•Absolute accessibility of scanned invoices

Data Processing – Exception Management/Resolution

•Endorsement and exception routing
•Summarized month-end closing procedure
•Documented audit trail

Suspect Duplicate Analysis

Manual and automated data entry
•Three-way database matching
•Electronic invoice dispensation

Disbursement Solutions

•Print and allocation of checks
•Safe maintenance of check stock
•Online check proofing
•Return check management
•Electronic payment management
•Exclusive invoice mail management


•Accounts payable reports
•Utility bill management
•Travel and expenses dispensation
•Tax reporting
•Supplier management
•Special project reports
•Customer service

Why hire us?

•We stringently stick to the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).
•Your business operations will observe a guaranteed cost decline.
•Your data will be protected and will not be shared with any person under any conditions.
•You can take advantage of the newest technology and measures, as we stay updated on all superlative practices.
•Personalized solutions that are aligned with your strategic goals.

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