Account Receivable Services

MegicTech’s aim is to assist businesses run professionally and more profitably. Our account receivable solutions provide a pioneering approach to aid businesses boost the performance of their account receivable department by reducing Days Sales Outstanding and by improving overall work capital. Our solution offers quantifiable results by integrating latest accounting software with major financial systems.

In the contemporary demanding economic atmosphere, it is essential for companies to control their resources and extract highest return on their investments. For doing this they need a competent partner who they can depend upon to help improve their cash flow by bettering the company’s internal accounts receivable department.

The software we rely upon for offering this service:


Our expert professionals can strategically integrate these software with key financial systems like:

•JD Edwards

Our Accounts Receivable Outsource solutions include:

•Billing preparation
•Entering receivable transactions into the accounting system
•Record and account for revenue
•Providing of credit memos and refund checks permitted by the client
•Maintaining subsidiary receivables ledgers
•Making and delivering periodic statements
•Implementing course adjustments permitted by the client
•Applying cash received to client accounts and sorting out short pays
•Accounts receivable deductions management solutions
•Making accounts receivable reports

Advantages of hiring us:

•Consolidation of print, mail, and electronic deliveries from single source
•Instant access to every document images
•Complete repository for all documentation vital for customer service
•Salvage documents and data via a general web browser
•Reduce delinquencies and bad debt
•Enhance cash flow and salvaged revenues
•Inexpensive solutions which decrease dispensation costs by 70%
•Personalized inbound/outbound account handling solutions
•Specialized management and unvarying monitoring of client disputes and inconsistencies
•TQM and other quality improvement programs
•Precise handling of data
•Privacy of data to make certain improved security
•Solutions offered within a swift time period

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